For the gifts I bring to organizations, both large and small, the best way to connect is through Creative Ground.

Contribution: I will work with clients to shape a scope of work that best reflects the collaboration we want to create and agree on a fee based on my experience and gifts as well as my clients’ capacity to give.


“Working with Lisa allowed both our team and me to confront old paradigms of how we operate. It also allowed us to reach closer to our highest potential for work and leadership. The outcomes were stunning for all of us. We accessed a much greater understanding of the shifting landscapes we work within. I could not be more pleased with Lisa’s support to bring us to these new levels of awareness and reflection. The end result has been a new ability for me individually as well as for our team to meet the pressures of the seismic shifts within our working landscape.”

– Ed Zuckerman, Senior Vice President,
League of Conservation Voters

“Lisa is an excellent facilitator, particularly gifted at helping groups of people navigate through fraught situations. She has an uncanny ability to ferret out a source of tension - which can be unvoiced yet palpable in a group - then adeptly address the anxiety, resentment, or dissatisfaction in a way that does not accuse, shame, or lay blame on any individual. Lisa’s calm and generous demeanor conveys to groups wrestling with difficult situations an optimism that inspires people to work together on finding a way forward that includes everyone. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

– Tree Swenson, Director, Hugo House

“Lisa worked with our leadership team to assess, heal, and transform the culture of our organization. Her approach is creative and intuitive, and at the leading edge of where organizational and leadership development are heading. She both challenges and supports her clients, helping them generate self-awareness and insights that form the basis of transformational change. Working with Lisa resulted in tremendous personal and professional growth - for me and for the members of our staff. Her coaching has helped me to up my game - and my humanity.”

– Lauren Smith, Director of Regional Planning,
King County Executive’s Office