For the gifts I bring to 1:1 relationships of any kind — individuals looking to shed confining skin or leaders daring to lead with more humanity — the best way to connect is through this portal.

Contribution. For this doorway of service, I offer my gifts as a gift. Which means that you determine the level of contribution that reflects the value you’re receiving as well as your capacity to give. For some, this might mean a home cooked meal. For others with resources, this may be a financial contribution. My intention is to make the invitation as open as possible.

In the words of Charles Eisenstein, one of my virtual mentors in simpler ways of living, “Gratitude is our native state. Generosity is its maturation.”


“For 14 years, I’ve seen Lisa in numerous professional situations—motivational speaking, workshop presenting, community visioning, and leading. She is a deep listener and sows seeds for change that resonate long after she has left the room. Witnessing participants reconnect with their own creative rocket fuel is something to behold! Her authentic spirit leads us to new places where we can tap into our full potentials and see the vision for a world healed and enlivened by collaboration and creativity. Lisa IS the rocket fuel that everyone needs.”

Sarah Davis, Board Member, Going Elemental

“Lisa and I have collaborated on several projects, and I have learned there are two things you can count on with her. First, she will bring authenticity to the work. That is, there will be no competing agendas, no distractions, no ego. She will engage honestly, directly, and transparently. It’s so refreshing. Second, Lisa will bring a generous spirit to the collaboration—every time. She is a person of deep integrity, and the work is always about creating a positive outcome for the client, the community, and the world. Being with Lisa always helped me feel more energized and more hopeful about my work.”

Steve Miranda, Teacher, Middle College High School

“As a leadership coach, Lisa has shown me how to wrestle with competing forces–even the ones I had labeled irreconcilable.  With her support and guidance, I have found ways to energize inside of conflict, whether it be actual “on the ground” issues, or the sparring of my own internal demons and better angels.  I am finding ways to cast off the archetypes of traditional leadership in favor of expressing myself genuinely.  And my team, my whole organization, for that matter, is refreshingly responsive.  Lisa is interwoven grace and tenacity; equal parts gunnery sergeant and zen master.”

      – Rob Gannon, King County Transit General Manager