Public speaking...


Some of us feel most alive when free climbing a rock wall, seated in front of a drum set or gliding down the face of an ocean’s wave. My most profound moments of connection combined with freedom are when I am speaking to a crowd.

I have spoken, mostly about creativity, at conferences, Rotary Clubs, college commencements, the 60th Anniversary of the Seattle Foundation, a TEDxTacoma, a Seattle Pecha Kucha and many more gatherings and circles of learning.

One of my mentors Eric Booth said that his greatest insights came when having to write a speech for a new audience. Indeed this has been true for me as well.

I often think if I had to prepare speeches for a living, I just might resolve some of the great paradoxes of creativity. And then I remember, paradoxes are not meant to be resolved!

And for speaking more extemporaneously, I have found an outlet with friend and collaborator Helen Lowe. We have launched a new podcast, Naked Conversations: Women Uninterrupted. Our hope is to model open, receptive and engaged dialogue, mostly on the topic of creativity and the human condition, as a pathway for learning and evolution.

Lisa speaking at an event for Seattle Center’s Next 50, a Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the World’s Fair in Seattle, photos © 2011 Auston James

A vision for transformation in government: video produced by Brian Quist in 2013

Let’s Do This Thing: A campaign to stop the construction of a new jail in 2008

Creativity as a pathway home filmed for a TEDxTacoma in 2010

A ‘quick hit’ on creativity filmed by Steve Miranda at Puget Sound Community School in 2006