The gift I bring to the world is creating fertile ground for learning and transformation. I serve as….



Facilitating the generative process through idea discovery and scaffolding…Naming and challenging of the assumptions that manifest our current world…Exploring biases, fears and mythologies that undermine our mission, our health, our personal power… Architecting new world views…Serving and inspiring as motivating fire


Nourishing our indigenous ‘template’ to grow from a stronger foundation…Fostering alignment with our authentic voice and inner landscape…Seeing and reflecting our highest potentials…Finding the levity and sharing the light generously…Sharing the experience of what it is to be alive


The essential strengths I serve from are …



I see the potentials in my fellow humans. In a team, in an organization, in the collective. I see what is hidden from view, what’s hiding and wants out. I see innate creative expression. I see the seeds of new life.



I have traversed my own, sometimes terrifying inner wilderness. I have learned how to navigate in that dark without lights. I have stepped off cliffs into unknowns and survived enough times to know how to fashion impromtu handrails. I have found a way to keep loving when what or who I love goes missing. I will always speak to truth. May it be enough truth for others to do the same. 



I will go with you, or your group, to places uncharted, without a map. I am confident in our collective intelligence. I am secure in knowing there is no ‘wrong’ way, just more things to learn. I have taken ideas and made them into form. I trust the foundational steps, as well as the non-linear path, to manifestation. Manifestation of a new vision, a new endeavor, a new you. 



Any pollinator has to love what she pollinates. Otherwise there is no fertility to the relationship. I have learned a devotion to love. A love of other people’s tenderness and complexity. A love that inspires me to wake up, brush my teeth, make my bed and just do the next small but intentional act With the help of heartbreak’s pummeling, my love now has plenty of room to breathe and self-generate. I offer up love from the generous table of myself. 

photos © 1975 Susie Fitzhugh