transcendent journey of the soul


A meditative pause…

My dear friend Megan Larson studied composition and plays as well as teaches the upright bass. I asked her if she’d be willing to compose a piece about the “transcendent journey of the soul.” Of course she asked me to explain a “bit more about that” and name a few examples of music that spoke to me. Several months later, she went into the studio with some fellow musicians and recorded this piece of music.

I then asked Maggie Flynn, this website’s designer, to put Megan’s music to a video depicting the movement of the clouds. The sequence of clouds passing across an open sky reflects how our minds, absent our thoughts or worries, can also reveal great stillness and clarity.

I don’t think Megan named the piece. Maybe to name it would limit the ideas behind the music. Named or not, I do recommend listening to it on some good speakers.

Thank you Megan and to all the artists who collaborated with her.